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Mar 21, 2020
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Stay At Home,普健中医诊所全力配合,推出线上看诊服务,减少拥挤,节省时间,无时无刻都可以诊断。
请致电 019-2367677 或WhatsApp : 预约

Critical times with critical solution.
Now Pu Jian Medical Centre offers online consultation service to our patients, during this pandemic period. So our patients can stay at home and consult our Chinese physicians via the online channel. 
This arrangement is to avoid the risk of cross-infection, as well as steer clear of going out to the public. It also reduces traffic congestion, save time, and the patient can be diagnosed at any time.
Please call 019-2367677 or WhatsApp :   to arrange an appointment with us.

“生蛇” 不想让后遗症找上门?

Mar 20, 2020
“生蛇” 不想让后遗症找上门?
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王医师「抓蛇」 (一)
6 背部、腰部等的皮肤上出现红疹

Shingles also are known as herpes zoster, is a painful skin rash.
Most of us have heard if a person has the shingles around his or her body; he or she will die. This shingles rash, or we locally call it as the ''snake'', is it that life-threatening ? How can we determine the early signs of shingles ? How should it be treated ?
This shingles will not be life-threatening if it is being treated appropriately.
Shingles is caused by reactivation of the varicella zoster virus. In Chinese medicine, it believes that shingles is caused by internal poisoning and heatiness.
Here are the symptoms of shingles:
1) Feeling fatigued
2) Headache
3) Upsetting stomach
4) Fever
5) Feeling pain or body ache within 24 to 48 hours
6) Redness skin or rash on the back, waist, and other parts of the body.
Regardless of any disease, there is a slight to severe in seriousness, and this shingles is no exception. The most important thing is to keep calm and seek medical treatment promptly. The shingles is contagious and might infect other people who have not yet developed chickenpox. Therefore, anyone with shingles should cover up the affected skin area and avoid physical contact with others.
With Shingles, the infected person will feel abnormally severe pain, even if the affected skin part is not touched. The rash parts on the body also depend on the person's immunity, nerve distribution system, and the activeness of the virus.
If the shingles rash has spread to the person's eyes and ears, it is likely will cause damage to his or her vision and hearing, and in some worst cases, it will cause blindness or deafness.
Generaly, Western medicine treats the herpes zoster by taking painkillers, antiviral drugs, and injectable drugs. In contrast, the treatment methods for traditional Chinese medicine are different. There are relatively diverse, like internal treatment, external treatment, acupuncture, moxa treatment, cupping, and burning fumigation.
In the next publish, Chinese physician Ms Wang will share the method of ''catching the snake'' (shingles) in the traditional Chinese medicine way.
This article is from Chinese physician Ms Wang, at Pu Jian Chinese Medical Centre.


Feb 8, 2020
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近期,禽流感已越来越严重! 在这里有几项预防中病的方法,如下:







Jan 9, 2020
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Eczema is an overall skin condition that results in red and itchy patches on the skin. Anyone with Eczema will have at least one of the following symptoms:
When you accidentally scratch or fray the affected skin area, there will be some liquid that will leak out from the skin. Hence, you have to put on socks, slippers, towels, or others to absorb the liquid. Most importanrtly do not mix them with other clothes during the washing. Otherwise, the Eczema could have transmitted to other family members.
In all our doubts, is ''Eczema'' really contagious? Our Chinese physician TCM Ong from Pu Jian Chinese Medical Centre 普健中医诊所, will elaborate here.
In western medicine, it is called Eczema, where else in Chinese medicine, it is being called 'wet sores' or 'acne sore'. The characteristic of ''wet sores'' is that the patient will feel itchiness from time to time. Once the affected skin area is being scratched, there will be fluid exudation, which can occur all over the body of anyone. The symptoms will be more obvious during the hot and humid weather.
Now the other questions; how exactly does the pus in ''wet sores'' form, and what are the ingredients in it? Will it cause infection?
Imagine this; if bacteria are invading the human body, the white blood cells will fight the bacteria. After the fight, the bacteria 'corpses' will turn into pus. Therefore, the main content of the watery pus is dead white blood cells and dead bacteria, as well as our body tissue fluids and proteins.
To sum it all up, the 'wet sores' is not an infectious disease, and the pus that caused by it will not spread to others.

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