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Jan 9, 2020
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Eczema is an overall skin condition that results in red and itchy patches on the skin. Anyone with Eczema will have at least one of the following symptoms:
When you accidentally scratch or fray the affected skin area, there will be some liquid that will leak out from the skin. Hence, you have to put on socks, slippers, towels, or others to absorb the liquid. Most importanrtly do not mix them with other clothes during the washing. Otherwise, the Eczema could have transmitted to other family members.
In all our doubts, is ''Eczema'' really contagious? Our Chinese physician TCM Ong from Pu Jian Chinese Medical Centre 普健中医诊所, will elaborate here.
In western medicine, it is called Eczema, where else in Chinese medicine, it is being called 'wet sores' or 'acne sore'. The characteristic of ''wet sores'' is that the patient will feel itchiness from time to time. Once the affected skin area is being scratched, there will be fluid exudation, which can occur all over the body of anyone. The symptoms will be more obvious during the hot and humid weather.
Now the other questions; how exactly does the pus in ''wet sores'' form, and what are the ingredients in it? Will it cause infection?
Imagine this; if bacteria are invading the human body, the white blood cells will fight the bacteria. After the fight, the bacteria 'corpses' will turn into pus. Therefore, the main content of the watery pus is dead white blood cells and dead bacteria, as well as our body tissue fluids and proteins.
To sum it all up, the 'wet sores' is not an infectious disease, and the pus that caused by it will not spread to others.

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